GreenGlobe Sustainability

Walk, Ride, Thrive
Find your way with more sustainable local transport options
Sustainable transport can be a win for the environment and for you. It’s a great way to experience Phuket up close.

Take your pick and get going:

On Foot:
Explore at your own pace—take walking self-tours, hike trails or wander to get lost with purpose

Cover lots of ground at your own speed.
Rent a bike at Chilli Cycling, visit

Travel Light, Travel Right
Take a sustainable approach to travel by keeping it simple and local. Immerse yourself in the best of Phuket by connecting with the nature and culture that make it special.

Leave the crowds behind and climbing
the trail from Karon to the Big Buddha. Take in the biodiverse plants and animals along the way and learn why they’re vital to the ecosystem. You may even be inspired to support conservation efforts.

It’s a new place, but you can still feel at home here. Explore with a local focus to get comfortable with the Southern Thailand. Here are some pointers:

• Sights: Sometimes, the most interesting experiences are in the everyday bits of life. Seek out local-led experiences or visit the communities. Interacting with locals will open your eyes to a new world—their world.

Our ideas:
Phuket Old Town, Kata Street Market, and Rawai Seafood Market
• Food: People eat so deliciously differently around the world. Find here our selection of restaurants that focus on local flavors.

Our ideas:
• Experience a homely dining with sea view at Kata Seafood Restaurant
• Reserve a table at CHAR’D Grill for a romantic evening and delectable dinner, just a short walk from the resort
• Explore the authentic flavors of Southern Thai cuisine at The Charm Dining Gallery located in Phuket Old Town
• Satisfy your tastebuds at En Vogue at our resort serving mouthwatering Thai dishes such as Panang, Tom Yum Goong, and Phad Thai

Another unique facet of every place is their folk art. Visit smaller and/or community-run shops and markets focusing on crafts and culture to get the most authentic look and insights. Our ideas: Sunday Walking Street Market, Naka Market, and Fun Friday Avenue Market

When it’s time to get hands-on, take a culture-oriented workshop or explore the environment. For adventure excursions, just take care to choose low-carbon trips to minimize the environmental impact.

Our ideas:

Take an aquatic exercise class at our pool or enjoy a morning yoga class to help get your day started feeling your best, Try your hand at surfing in Kata Beach, Hike to Big Buddha for sunrise, Trek to Laem Krating Cape for sunset

Take ceramic workshops at Green Gray Clay Workshop, Enjoy a 30-min distillery tour with a cocktail making session at Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

Experience Thai dance performance at our resort and learn more about this traditional Thai dancing, Enjoy a Thai cooking class and create popular Thai dishes

Find out more about the GreenGlobe sustainability initiative by downloading the Sustainable Transportation and Hotel Surroundings fact sheets.