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30 Minute Massage

Spa Packages in Phuket  

Romantic Bath Setup

Relax your body in our bathtub with a romantic bath set up from In Balance Spa. Choose wherever you're comfortable to bathe; either in room or in our spacious whirlpool bath inside the Spa.

  Kids Spa in Phuket

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Spa Promotions & Menu In Phuket


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Signature Coconut Treatment (90 Mins)

This 90-minute treatment begins with a coconut exfoliation for 30 minutes to open the pores and maximize the massage which follows. The spa’s signature massage comes next, bringing a range of massage techniques to soothe the skin and muscles with medium to firm levels of pressure. A 60-minute massage is followed by a refreshing coconut water to rejuvenate your senses

• Coconut Exfoliation 30 minutes • Coconut relaxing full body massage 60 minutes • Complimentary Coconut Juice 

Aqua Care Package (180 Mins)

This 180-minute deep relaxation and cleansing treatment begins with a steam bath to open the pores and maximize the oatmeal honey body scrub which follows. The spa’s signature Aqua massage comes next, bringing a range of massage techniques and oils to soothe the skin and muscles with medium to firm levels of pressure. A 60-minute Aqua facial nourishes beneath the skin, as the final milk bath leaves both body and mind feeling enriched and alive through natural rejuvenation.

• Steam 15 minutes • Oatmeal Honey Body Scrub 30 minutes • Aqua Massage 60 minutes • Aqua Facial 60 minutes • Milk Bath 15 minutes   

Royal Siam Package (180 Mins)

Experience 180 minutes of ancient Thai remedies with this one-of-a-kind spa package. A fresh and revitalizing coconut ginger scrub marks the beginning of the treatment, followed by a 45-minute white mud wrap to nourish the skin. An herbal heat treatment and traditional Thai massage further freshens and suffuses the skin with healthy properties, and the experience concludes with a special herbal bath for one final refreshing cleanse.

• Coconut Ginger Scrub 30 minutes • White Mud Wrap 45 minutes • Herbal Heat Treatment 30 minutes • Thai Massage 60 minutes • Herbal Bath 15 minutes


Peace Package (120 Mins)

This selection lets guests experience 120 minutes of wholesome skin and muscle treatments, beginning with a body scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells on and below the surface. The cleaning is followed by a 45-minute body wrap to soothe, moisturize, and add a special glow to the skin. An extended milk bath leaves your body in a deep state of peace and tranquility, fully re-energized and refreshed.

• Body Scrub 45 minutes • Body Wrap 45 minutes • Milk Bath 30 minutes

Rejuvenation Package (90 Mins)

This treatment can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. Begin with a body scrub followed by the body massage. Enjoy a luxurious treatment, leaving your skin soft, smooth and relaxed.

• Choice of Body Scrub 30 minutes • Choice of Body Massage 60 minutes

Spirit Package (90 Mins)

A wonderful total relaxation package begins with full body massage of your choice followed by foot or head massage. Feel totally relaxed and unwind.

• Body Massage 60 minutes • Foot massage or Indian Head massage 30 minutes


Junior Massage

Among the many treatments and packages on offer at the Novotel resort in Phuket, the Junior Massage is unique in that it uses techniques designed to relieve muscle tension and stress in younger guests. Kids can benefit as much as adults from improved skin and tissue health, and this kind of massage experience can also bring comfort, relaxation, a healthier balance of stress hormones, a stronger immune system and a better night’s sleep. Children aged 6 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

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