Traditional Thai Wedding

Thai Bliss Wedding Package (Upto 60 guests)

Our sensational Thai Wedding package is inspired by traditional Thai ceremonies, presenting detailed local wedding customs in a magical atmosphere. From delicate Thai rituals to a wonderful selection of flower arrangements, our resort will handle every detail with precision and grace.


Special Treats For Bride & Groom

Personal wedding planner assistance

Complimentary upgrade of bridal couple’s room to Junior Suite

Romantic in-room floral decoration on the wedding night

Memorable Wedding

Resort’s wedding certificate (non-legal document)

Thai Wedding Ceremony, inclusive of the following arrangements


Monk Blessing Ceremony

Buddhist monks are invited to attend the ceremony to bless the bride and groom and enable them to make merit which is particularly important on this very special occasion to ensure a lifetime of love in the marriage.

Rod-Nam-Sang” or Water Blessing Ceremony

“Rod Nam” (pouring water) signifies cleansing and transferring of luck, and “Sang” (conch shell) symbolizes a source of good. “Rod Nam Sang” or Water Blessing Ceremony brings together the bride and groom for guests to bestow the blessings by pouring water from the conch shell over the couple’s hands and wish them happiness and prosperity.



Exquisite Setup

Buddhist altar with amenities and raised platform for monks

Ceremony station decorated with white fabric and floral designs

Water blessing altar with flower decoration

Wedding garlands for bride and groom

5 corsages for Groom and special guests



Long-Lasting Mementos

2-hours wedding photography

Use of resort’s ground for bridal photographs


Package Price: THB 95,000 ++